Slot-Together Translucent Builders


This block play building set includes more than 170 plastic connecting pieces in four fun shapes and four bright colors…and the pieces feature a special slotted design that makes them super-easy to slide together! Very similar to PlayPlax.

$31.99 (Amazon)

Papercraft Nintendo Posters


Want a different take on classic Nintendo games that will intrigue even the most jaded NES fan? Look no further than the various papercraft NES-themed works of artist, Steph Caskenette.

$12.96 (Redbubble)

Classic Arcade Wristwatch


Relive those days when pure joy was just a high score away with ThinkGeek’s Retro Arcade Watch. A tiny arcade cabinet on your wrist, the Retro Arcade Watch is a real working watch.

$49.99 (ThinkGeek)

Vintage Baseball Glove Wallet


One of a kind, impossible to duplicate, hand cut & wax stitched made from vintage baseball glove leather. Each wallet is already broken in from time, but will also age to your perfection. Simply designed to hold cards and bills.

$120.00 (Fielder's Choice Goods)

The Original Krazy Straw


Based on the very first Krazy straw, this crazy straw is even in the original wrapping. The Krazy straw is clear and approximately 11″ long. Watch your drink twist and turn up the straw as you drink it. The original krazy straw is fun for kids of all ages.

$9.49 (Amazon)

Back to the Future License Plate


This is the California OUTATIME Plate from Doc Brown’s Delorean Time Machine, as seen in the movie ‘Back to the Future’. This plate is a must have for any Back to the Future fanatic or movie prop collector!

$21.95 (Amazon)

NES Themed Wooden Coasters


If you’re looking for a subtle gaming addition to your retro gaming addiction these gorgeous laser-engraved coasters might be the answer. Each set includes 3 coasters featuring stylistic minimal engravings of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

$17.00 (Etsy)

Jurassic Park Raptor Cage


This is the original screen used prop seen from the opening scene of Jurassic Park. It is an authentic prop which was designed and constructed for the film. Freak out your neighbors and put it in your yards and play raptor sounds from it 24/7.

$100,100.10 (eBay)

Duncan Butterfly XT Yo-Yo


Based on world famous Butterfly, Butterfly XT features modern yo-yo technology such as a large ball-bearing axle for long spin time (10x longer than the original), starburst response for quick returns and its take-apart design allows for easy knot removal.

$5.22 (Amazon)

Giant Robot Slippers


These bootie-style slippers make your feet look and sound like a robot. Vrrrrrr-clank. Vrrrrrr-clank. Folks are guaranteed to turn around when you enter the room. And if they don’t? Stomp over to them and threaten to smash their city with your Giant Robot Slippers.

$29.99 (ThinkGeek)

Ghostbusters Replica Neutrino Wand


Negative vibrations from ectoplasmic entities bumming you out? Give them a positive blast with your Neutrino Wand! This authentically detailed wand delivers vibrations, a force kickback when blasted and light-meter animations on the base that ramp up and down.

$245.00 (Amazon)

ST: Voyager Communicator Badge


Star Trek: Voyager fans: Now your cosplay can be perfect! Just add this gleaming, screen-accurate metal badge with its unique magnetic clasp to your uniform, and you’re set.

$19.95 (QMx)